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"Welcome to my world of fitness, where the journey is as thrilling as the destination! As a specialist in contest prep, posing, and stage presence, my path into the realm of fitness kicked into high gear in 2012 when I joined the renowned bodybuilding team, Dream Quest. Since that turning point, I've been on a non-stop adventure, expanding my knowledge and refining my skills through an array of exercise modalities, from weightlifting to CrossFit. I've tackled the challenges of bodybuilding competitions head-on, using each experience as a stepping stone to perfect my unique coaching approach.

But here's the thing - I'm not just a fitness practitioner, I'm a scholar of fitness. Every technique I use is meticulously researched, backed by reputable sources like NCBI and other peer-reviewed research sites. I'm like a detective of fitness, probing the depths of knowledge to ensure my methods are not just effective, but scientifically solid. And, I don't stop there! I've sought the wisdom of industry professionals and instructors, fine-tuning my skills to ensure they're at the cutting edge.

So, are you ready to embark on this exhilarating journey with me? Let's do this together, because I believe there's nothing more fulfilling than helping you become the best version of yourself!"

About Angel Starr


"I’ve worked with angel for almost 8 years now. My confidence has grown so much since we started. Angel is a hands on coach who practices what she preaches and is more than just a coach. She’s a friend, sister…someone I can turn to. She’s extremely knowledgeable and a master at her craft. Every year seems to get better and we continue to refine the process. I would highly recommend Angel as a coach."

Dominique Morey Vega

“Having worked with Angel over the last year has been such a valuable experience! She structures plans that keep me accountable, interested, and paved the way to help me meet goals I truly didn’t think I would or could ever accomplish. Her sincere belief in my abilities truly makes such an impact. She’s “stood by me”, (mostly remotely!) and has guided me toward undeniable and obvious progress in my journey. Both in physique and mentally! She doesn’t sugar coat things and is realistic but is always approachable and compassionate in her communications. Whether it’s Prep coaching or Lifestyle, there’s no question that the knowledge and insight Angel can offer will lead anyone toward their goals.”

Erika Oliva

"Angel has been a great coach who is patient, understanding and truly knows how the body responds to diet and exercise. I am a repeat client with more than happy results, and I know I can count on her to help me reach my goals. She is encouraging, motivating and provides expert insight with any questions I may have during the process."

Danielle Guerrera

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